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Chamber Business/Entrepreneur of the Month

Sims Brothers Recycling
 November 2014

SimsHere’s a story to give entrepreneurs of any age the hope and courage to follow their dreams. Sims Brothers Recycling was started in the 1920’s with two elementary school-aged brothers who, out of economic necessity, started collecting scrap metals and waste paper through-out the city of Marion, Ohio. Using a small hand pulled wagon, Carl and Donald Sims sold the materials to a lo-cal scrap processor. From that humble beginning, the boys graduated to a dump truck and eventually Sims Brothers Inc. grew from a simple scrap peddling opera-tion into a “sophisticated, environmentally aware, multi- faceted recycling/processing management” operation. Today this privately owned business is owned and managed by Gary Sims, President.

Sims Brothers Inc. has four business locations, Marion (Corporate Headquarters), Bellefontaine, Delaware and Columbus which has made them Central Ohio’s fastest growing recy-cling company. The Bellefontaine location has been in operation for the past 27 years with Kenny Seiter as the yard manager for the last 22 years. (READ MORE)

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