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Chamber Business/Entrepreneur of the Month

Ed Donnelly Ent. Inc.
 July 2014

DonnellyThe journey Ed and Karen Donnelly have taken is a classic story of hard work, seizing opportunity and real-izing success. It is a story that should be told to every young person with ambition and one we are happy to tell this month as we recognize the Ed Donnelly Ent. Inc as the July Business of the Month.

If you do not know Ed and Karen they own and operate the McDonald’s North and South locations in Bellefontaine. They employ approximately 120 people and rep-resent the leading food service provider in the United States, and the joy of my children’s heart.

But this success was not handed to Ed and Karen. In fact their journey began where many of their employ-ees are today…

Both Ed and Karen began their career with McDonald’s as crew members within a restaurant. In different cit-ies and different years (1977 and 1981 respectively), they began their journey with hard work and a dream to become restaurant owners. For Ed, that dream was realized 23 years later when he became an owner/operator of his first restaurant in 2000. Karen reached the same milestone shortly thereafter. (READ MORE)

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