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Honda at 40: Company, Original Employee Grew Together
The Columbus Dispatch, 9/13/19
When Honda celebrated its 40th anniversary in Ohio this week, the milestone carried special meaning for employee Neil Vining. Vining was 22 in 1979 when he landed a job at a new motorcycle factory Honda was opening in Marysville. (READ MORE)

Ohio Caverns is Natural Wonder That's Just a Short Drive Away
The Columbus Dispatch, 7/21/19
Nestled, quite literally, into one of the rolling hills of west central Ohio is Ohio Caverns, one of the state’s oldest tourist attractions. (READ MORE)

The Longest, Driverless Test-Track Opens in Ohio, 7/12/19
A new state-funded facility for testing driverless cars and other “smart” vehicles has opened in the latest expansion of Ohio’s Transportation Research Center. (READ MORE)

Tesla Crashes Repeatedly at $45 Million Ohio Facility, all in the Name of Safety
The Columbus Dispatch, 7/10/19
Foam tires and quarter panels scatter across the Transportation Research Center’s new Smart Mobility Advanced Research Test Center intersection as the Tesla Model 3 and the unmanned foam car finish their low-speed game of chicken. (READ MORE)

Honda Opens Training Center in Ohio to Upskill Workers
Industry Week, 4/12/19
Honda of America Mfg., Inc. is opening a 40,000 square-foot training center to provide new production associates with the skills needed to successfully transition into current manufacturing roles. The two-week, hands-on, program supports workforce training for Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant, East Liberty Auto Plant and the Anna Engine Plant. (READ MORE)