Chamber Mission

Our Chamber mission is to promote and enhance the economic well-being of the Logan County area to make this a superior place to visit, live, and do business. We do this through five primary channels:


We facilitate connections that build trust, expand networks, and generate collaboration. Monthly events include First Thursday's Coffee Hour, Legislative Impact Meetings, and Business After Hours give members opportunity.  

We believe our members should be the best prepared for success of any business in the community. We provide regular trainings and seminars throughout the year so our members can work ON their business not just IN their business. Our Pursuit of Excellence business success series meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month to provide a wide variety of continued education sessions on topics such as social media marketing, getting a business loan, and business insurance needs.   

We work to expand the reach of our businesses and community through creative and proactive marketing. This includes continuous social media engagement, video promotions of our members, distributing our monthly Chamber Chat newsletter, print material distribution, attending regional conferences/shows, and routine referrals for walk-in and call-in guests.   

We are constantly looking for ways to save our members and their employees time and money. Current benefits include discount tuition/scholarships with Urbana & Franklin University, prescription drug discount cards, access to medical insurance for small businesses, lower premiums on workers compensation insurance, and reduced costs on office supplies and marketing videos.   

We are helping vision the way to ensure Logan County is prepared to win in economic development. Housing, workforce, leveraging the growth of automotive & mobility technology, entrepreneurship, quality of life...there are so many possibilities. We are in the process of updating our county wide economic development plan to ensure Logan County focuses on the areas that will have the greatest impact.