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    June 2021


    Silver Elephant If you've ever taken an afternoon to shop in downtown Bellefontaine, chances are you've passed by - and hopefully stopped in to - The Silver Elephant. With a mix of old and new, there's truly something for everyone. Located at 139 South Main Street next to the Opera Building, The Silver Elephant's unique black exterior and theater marquee are easily recognizable to passersby.

    Owner Joni Dailey founded The Silver Elephant in June of 2013. Having graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, Joni's education and experience made her decision to open The Silver Elephant an easy one. Reflecting on her "second chance" in life, Joni shared, "We have opportunities to look at what we have and how we can enhance it, recreate it, or change it all together. That goes for furniture, homes, and our lives."

    Their simple motto of "Rethink, Re-Purpose, and Revive" sums up her store's mission: "There is so much headed for the landfill that really just needs a little update and we began doing that. We wanted to create thought-provoking products so that people would hopefully look at their 'trash' differently and therefore help to reduce waste in an environment that is already struggling." Customers can find vintage and antique furniture that has been updated with new upholstery and refinished in vibrant colors amidst home décor accents and finishing touches. In addition, The Silver Elephant offers interior design services and carries specialized lines of window treatments and rugs.

    Joni has been putting her extensive knowledge to use on a recent project with the Durnell family at their resort in Russells Point. Though currently in the renovation phase, the Durnells hope to have the first beach house available to rent soon. When asked whether she preferred big projects over small ones, Joni shared that she simply loves to transform things. "Whether it is a piece of furniture or a room in a home or office, the psychology behind the need is sometimes difficult to define. I need to, through communication with the client, understand the full function of what the piece or space needs to be."

    Joni and her family love Logan County. Joni's husband David also has a business in the community and they have raised their daughter here. The Silver Elephant opened just as downtown Bellefontaine was undergoing a revival of small business in the community, which Joni and her team felt immediately. "It became clear that Logan and surrounding counties were hungry for small business," she shared. "It was becoming very apparent that Bellefontaine was destined for greatness and I wanted to be a part of that greatness. I had products that I believed in and I wanted to share them with this wonderful community!"

    In their seven years as Chamber members, the team at the Silver Elephant has remained very involved. "Joni and her staff are regulars at our events and workshops and we're so glad to be able to provide them with information they find valuable," shared Chamber Director Lydia Hess. "Knowing that if there is anything we need help with, we can contact the Chamber and they will either help or guide us is priceless," Joni explained.

    More information on The Silver Elephant is available at their website, Customers can also keep up with inventory and new products on The Silver Elephant's Facebook page.

    Please join us in congratulating The Silver Elephant on being named the June 2021 Business of the Month.