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    Fion Wine Room

    June 2019



    Shine FM Mike and Stacy McVan, Owners of Fion Wine Room in Huntsville, had always dreamed of opening a winery.

    :When our current property came up for sale, my wife and I took a chance in Logan County," said Mr. McVan. "We choose to open in Logan County, because we spend our summers on Indian Lake, so it was a natural fit for us."

    The Fion Wine Room features wine, bourbon, beer, cigars, appetizers a private putting room and even a driving range. Now you can enjoy sipping wine and hitting some golf balls as well.

    Their most popular events include the paint and sip and events in the side wing of their building.

    "What people don't really know is that we have a hidden menu," said Mr. McVan. "We try to have enough alcohol on hand to make chocolate martinis and we like to feature a few specialty drinks too. This Christmas season we featured peppermint martinis."

    Not only does Fion Wine Room have a hidden menu, but they also truly value their employees.

    "Last week we hosted an ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)fundraiser in honor of my sister (Jill Saunders)," said bartender Cheryl Craft. "My goal was to raise $3,000 and we ended up raising over $11,000."

    All money raised will be going to ALS research.

    Mr. McVan also says that becoming a venue where you can hold charitable events is one of their goals for the next couple of years as well as adding on another party room and installing a patio. Fion Wine Room is also interested in getting more involved in hosting corporate events and are even dabbling in a couple of wedding events as well.

    "One thing we struggle with is getting the Bellefontaine population to come out and visit us," said Mr. McVan. "That's one thing I would really like to see change. We have buses of people come in from Dublin in the Winter time and we love having them, because they normally return."

    The Fion Wine Room is now being featured on the Indian Lake Winery Tour, which will be hosted twice a month. Tickets are $30 and check-in begins at 1:45 p.m.. Departure is at 2:00 p.m. from Fion Wine Room. There will be 4 stops on the tour. They include Dalton Union Winery & Brewery, Bokes Creek Winery, Bear Vine Winery, and will then wrap up the tour by ending at Fion Wine Room at 6:00 p.m.

    The biggest appeal to joining the Chamber was its networking opportunities. Mr. and Mrs. McVan are Dublin residents and decided they wanted to get connected with people from all over Logan County, so they joined the Chamber in February of 2017.

    Please join us in congratulating Fion Wine Room on being awarded the June Business of the Month Award.