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    February 2019

    Please join the Chamber in congratulating Mindful Minds for being selected as the Business of the month.

    Mindful Minds Incorporated was founded close to the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Terrill, as they bring a unique blend of personal experience of having dealt with traumatic loss as well as their own mental health issues over the years.

    Founders of the non-profit business Mindful Minds Inc. Steve and Debbie Terrill have been actively involved as volunteers in several mental health and addiction related coalitions for several years. It wasn’t until they became Nationally Certified Mental Health and First Aid Instructors that they decided to utilize the National Council of Behavioral Health business start-up program to become a 501c non-profit business.

    The staff at Mindful Minds Inc. has educated over 600 people in Logan County in Mental Health and First Aid in the past 15 months.

    Mindful Minds Inc. focuses on helping businesses and organizations conduct Mental Wellness education and their core offer is Mental Health and First Aid. They also offer other consultant training services and leverage strategic partnerships with organizations who can drive awareness, provide training and related services programs.

    "Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based National Registry Certified Course," said Mr. Terrill. "This training can be very impactful for a business to help employees and their peers stay mentally healthy, which can improve productivity, help with employee retention, reduce staff turnover and the soaring health related absence rate."

    Mental Health has been the topic of discussion not only on a local level, but a national level as well. According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression alone costs employers an estimated $44 billion each year in lost productivity

    "We felt Logan County, as does the entire country, has critical mental health issues in the communities and businesses," said Mr. Terrill. "In fact, most corporations understand the value of having a safe, physically healthy employee, however they are just beginning to recognize the mental health impact on their business."

    Last fall, Mindful Minds was one of a four-member partnership that was awarded a $375,000 Federal Mental Health and Awareness Grant. This helps Mindful Minds Inc. to provide Mental Health First Aid training to the Ohio National Guard, their families and communities in Ohio.

    "We thought the county presented us an opportunity to ‘give back’ by becoming active with the Indian Lake Community Church and offer my business skills and experience to organizations in the community," said Mr. Terrill.

    Mr. and Mrs. Terrill are determined advocates of public mental health education and have been members of the Logan County Chamber for two years. “We believe Logan County is fortunate to have a highly respected proactive Chamber of Commerce that offers a broad portfolio of programs and services to businesses,” said Mr. Terrill. "More specifically, building awareness of the value of Mental Wellness education for the business community is crucial. We are confident that the Chamber can be a very impactful partner in helping with awareness and promotional efforts."

    Mindful Minds is offering a Mental Health First Aid Workshop on March 2 and March 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Participants will learn to take care of their mental health and help others. The course provides national certification and 8 hours of continuing education for EMS, pharmacists, and nurses completing the course. Interested parties are encouraged to email to register.

    Please join the Chamber in congratulating Mindful Minds Inc. for being selected as our Business of the Month. You can contact Mindful Minds Inc. at 919-623-0952, or their website at www.Mindful-Minds.Net.